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Meet The Creators


Author: Keisha Powell

Book Jamz is my commitment to help shape the minds of children. I know first hand about how life challenges can affect the young mind. Through Book Jamz, it is my hope that these stories can help strengthen my young readers self esteem, sharpen their minds, and help families confront real issues comfortably and appropriately.


Illustrator: Hunter Powell

Art is my passion and my God given talent. I love drawing because it challenges me creatively. To have the opportunity to create illustrations for children's books is super cool and fulfilling when its helping expand a child's imagination.


Editor & Music Director: Blaze Hunter

Creating in general is everything to me. Especially when I can use it to evolve the next generation. To bring a musical element to each story helps the story connect with the child in many different ways. Music brings joy and an escape. I hope you all get to enjoy the entire experience through the songs.

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